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pmacct is a small set of multi-purpose passive network monitoring tools. It can account, classify, aggregate, replicate and export forwarding-plane data, ie. IPv4 and IPv6 traffic; collect and correlate control-plane data via BGP and BMP; collect and correlate RPKI data; collect infrastructure data via Streaming Telemetry. Each component works both as a standalone daemon and as a thread of execution for correlation purposes (ie. enrich NetFlow with BGP data). pmacct main features are:


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Latest code is available through GitHub:
* Browse: https://github.com/pmacct/pmacct
* Download: git clone https://github.com/pmacct/pmacct.git
* Keep track: Star or Watch us on GitHub

Daily exports from Git: pmacct-daily.tar.gz

Code is now maintained through GitHub

For official and user-contributed documentation, check out our wiki on GitHub.

Presentation: pmacct and network analytics, Paolo Lucente Oct 2018 @ FRNOG 31 (pdf)
Presentation: Introduction to pmacct, Latests on BGP monitoring, Paolo Lucente May 2017 @ GRNOG 1st Workshop (pdf)
Presentation: pmacct and Streaming Telemetry, Paolo Lucente Jun 2016 @ SINOG 3.0, Sep 2016 @ NLNOG3, Nov 2016 @ ITNOG2 (pdf)
Presentation: Waltzing on that gentle trade-off between internet routes and FIB space, an SDN story, David Barroso (Spotify), Paolo Lucente Mar 2015 @ PLNOG14, Apr 2015 @ RIPE SEE4 (pdf), May 2016 @ ESNOG17 [2016 deluxe edition] (pdf)
Presentation: Implementation of the Service Insights System at DE-CIX, Thomas King (DE-CIX) Oct 2015 @ 27th Euro-IX Forum (pdf)
Presentation: NetFlow & BGP multi-path: quo vadis?, Paolo Lucente, Elisa Jasinska (Netflix) Jun 2014 @ NANOG61, Oct 2014 @ Netnod Autumn meeting (pdf)
Tutorial: Collecting NetFlow with pmacct, Paolo Lucente, Sep 2013 @ MENOG13, Apr 2014 @ RIPE SEE3, Aug 2017 @ AfPIF (pdf)
Presentation: BGP policy violations in the data-plane, Pierre Francois (IMDEA), Paolo Lucente, Oct 2011 @ RIPE63 (pdf)
Presentation: Best practices in network planning and traffic engineering, Thomas Telkamp (Cariden), Clarence Filsfils (Cisco), Paolo Lucente, Nov 2010 @ RIPE61, Jun 2011 @ NANOG52 (pdf)
Presentation: Building traffic matrices to support peering decisions, Paolo Lucente, Jun 2010 @ NANOG49 (pdf), Sep 2010 @ European Peering Forum 5 (pdf)
Presentation: pmacct: introducing BGP natively into a NetFlow/sFlow collector, Paolo Lucente, Sep 2009 @ UKNOF14, SwiNOG19 (pdf)
Presentation: IP accounting reloaded: the pmacct project, Paolo Lucente, Jan 2007 @ UKNOF6, May 2007 @ INEX Members meeting (pdf)
Presentation: pmacct, a new player in the network management arena, Paolo Lucente, Apr 2006 @ RIPE52 (pdf)
Paper: pmacct: steps forward interface counters, Paolo Lucente, Mar 2005 (pdf)

Guide: Integration of pmacct with ElasticSearch and Kibana, Pier Carlo Chiodi, Dec 2014 (html)
Guide: Make graphs: pmacct 0.8.x and Cacti, Pedro Sanchez, Feb 2005 (html)

Presentation: オープンソースのネットフローツールの運用 (JP), Noriyuki Arai (BBIX), Paolo Lucente, Jul 2015 @ JANOG36 (pdf)
Presentation: Utilizzo di strumenti di network accounting a supporto della gestione di infrastrutture complesse (IT), Paolo Lucente, Massimo Ianigro (CNR-ISSIA), May 2005 @ GARR Conference 2005 (pdf)

Some tools related to or topped over pmacct. In alphabetical order. Do you know of any tools relying on pmacct not listed here ? Please, let us know.

BWstat: a network traffic statistical tool written in PHP.
Cacti-pmacct: a Cacti module to display and search pmacct data.
Captrap: a set of Perl scripts designed to work with the pmacct and a MySQL database to generate tables and graphs.
FloX (Flow eXplorer): a simple PHP tool to examine large tables of flow data in a SQL database.
netactuator: an active network management tool, for graphing individual host activities and make individual host behavior patterns.
opennms-pmacct: a opennms module to display and search pmacct data.
pmacct-fe: a frontend tool to present network statistics.
pmacct-frontend: a PHP frontend to pmacct (screenshot).
pmacct-to-elasticsearch: a python script to read JSON output from pmacct daemons, to process it and to store it into ElasticSearch.
pmGraph: an application for network monitoring to help network administrators to better monitor and manage their networks.
pNRG: pmacct Network Resource Grapher.
SIR: an SDN Internet Router.

libpcap >= 0.6.x -- http://www.tcpdump.org/

It has been tested and reported to work on:
All major Linux distributions
FreeBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD x86/sparc
Solaris >= 8 x86/sparc

Have you successfully compiled and installed pmacct on other Operating Systems and/or architectures not listed here ? Please, let us know.

Supported versions: V5/V9/V10

Netflow and IPFIX datagrams have been read successfully from:
Cisco routers and switches: ISR, ASR, CRS, Catalyst, Nexus; IOS >= 11.2, IOS-XE, IOS-XR
Juniper M/MX/PTX/T series; JunOS >= 6.x

Did you successfully read Netflow datagrams from other network gears ? Please, let us know.

Supported versions: V2/V4/V5

sFlow datagrams have been read successfully from:
HP Procurve 2800, 3400, 4200 and 9300 series
Brocade BigIron 8000 series, TurboIron series and ICX
Brocade FastIron Edge, Edge X and Workgroup Edge series
Brocade NetIron XMR/MLX series
Force10 E series (E300, E600, E1200)
Extreme Black Diamond 8800 series
Juniper EX 4200 series
Arista 7100T series
Cisco Nexus 9000 series

Did you successfully read sFlow datagrams from other network gears ? Please, let us know.

Other than traditional Ethernet NICs, datagrams have been read successfully from:
Endace DAG Ethernet cards; libdag 3.0

If you are interested in news (new releases and Changelogs, etc.) either about the project itself or related ones, subscribe to the pmacct-news mailing list. The list can be open for posting - on request, see CONTACTS - to developers involved in projects based on pmacct.

Description: News from the project: new releases, general annoucements, what is about to happen, etc.

Subcribe instructions: send a blank email to:
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Description: Discussion about project development. A place where talk about what the project still misses, new ideas, novel approaches, etc. It's also the place where to get in touch with other pmacct users.

Subcribe instructions: send a blank email to:
Traffic flow: moderate
Archive: http://www.mail-archive.com/pmacct-discussion@pmacct.net/


pmacct pmacct

Licensed under The GNU General Public License, Version 2. see COPYING for details.

Any comments are warmly welcome. Feel free to contact me for bugs, critics, requests, suggestions or even for a simple feedback with your opinions about the work done at: